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World Health Day

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As a species, we are probably healthier than we have been in our entire existence. While there are plenty of issues that we still need to tackle, the truth is that life expectancy is increasing at its fastest rate and new innovations in medicine and treatment are being developed almost every day.

Of course, this depends on where you live. While we’re used to healthcare on demand in the UK, in many parts of the world, particularly in developing countries, this is still not a reality. The sad case is that half of the world lacks an adequate healthcare system. Most nurses that work in healthcare in the UK will tell you just how lucky we are!

What is World Health Day?

World Health Day takes place on the 7th April each year and is an observance of how far we have come and a celebration of the achievements we have made. It’s also a clarion call for what we could potentially do much better.

We’ve been celebrating World Health Day since 1950 and each year the opportunity is taken to highlight a specific area of healthcare that is important. In the past, these have included themes around the eradication of polio, the issue of health and climate change and, more recently, raising awareness about the rise of Type 2 diabetes as a global problem.

Last year’s theme was universal health coverage and finding ways to make this accessible across the globe. It’s something that many people in the UK take for granted.

World Health Day is sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and a range of events around the globe are usually planned for each celebration. These are generally related to the chosen theme and can be both large and small in scope. They are an opportunity for nurses and healthcare practitioners, in particular, to come together and not only celebrate the advances over the last few years but make a difference to the future of healthcare too.

How Will You Observe World Health Day?

This year’s World Health Day continues on its theme of improving global health. In 2018, WHO asked for governments around the world to make tangible progress towards a situation where no one has to choose between eating and buying medicine.

As a nurse or healthcare professional, there are several ways that you can get involved. Use the online hashtag #worldhealthday in your social media posts to promote the day, you may like to write a letter to your local MP to highlight this years’ theme to make sure they know about it, you might want to organise an event, volunteer for a worthy cause or simply donate something to a healthcare charity.

You can find information about this year’s world health day on the WHO website.

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What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

Home » World Health Day
Modern London nursing agencies have emerged with a vision to facilitate residential, public and private sectors in finding trained and qualified nurses. Through agencies, nurses have the flexibility to choose where and when they want to work in their designated field. These nurses are not directly hired by the healthcare facility or hospital. By working for a modern London nursing agency, they have the option to choose their shifts and availability. This allows them control over their work, family and social life.

Modern London nursing agencies cater to a variety of healthcare related jobs, specialising in all manner of nursing domains such as: mental health, emergency department, acute care, midwifery, and others.

When a nurse registers with a nursing agency, he or she has specific requirements that are expected. When registering with Go Nurse, we go out of our way to ensure that our nurses are guaranteed stress-free, reliable processes:

Round the Clock Support

As a modern London nursing agency we offer unparalleled support and assistance around the clock for all our nurses. Our 24 hour, 7 day a week support ensures that you are never alone and inconvenience is minimised.

We also only have 1 number – making life easier!

Stress Free Mobile Shift Bookings

With advancing technology, individuals desire everything to be automated. People find portals and apps to be a convenient way to make and accept bookings. Similarly, nurses also desire an automated system by the agency as it makes it easier for them to receive notifications regarding available shifts. Furthermore, some modern London nursing agencies also provide nurses the option to receive and accept jobs and alerts through their smartphones.

Friendly London Nursing Agency Consultants

It is important for nurses to work alongside cordial and friendly consultants. Support staff who understands the needs and expectations of nurses ensures increased productivity which is essential for nurses to thrive. On the contrary, rigid consultants make it difficult for nurses to work with an agency.

Free CPD Accredited Training

Another important aspect that attracts nurses towards professional agencies is free CPD accredited training. Such a training is important for improving nursing skills. By completing such trainings, nurses not only improve their skills, but also get CPD points that strengthen their portfolio. Therefore, many nurses expect their nursing agency to facilitate them with such a training.

Professional Development

Most nurses expect that when they work with a modern London nursing agency, they will have the flexibility to work in their area of expertise. This is increasingly important in order to ensure their professional development. For instance, a nurse who wishes to excel in Mental Health can choose to work in the same capacity. This freedom and flexibility helps them in remaining focused and also improves their professional skills.

If a nursing agency provides all the aforementioned services, chances are that it will be the preferred choice for nurses in London who are looking for a modern London nursing agency.

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