Techniques to Manage Nursing Stress

Techniques to Manage Nursing Stress

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Although it can be one of the most rewarding professions, nursing can also be the most stressful. Understaffing, limited breaks, ultra-long shifts and a lack of training are among the reasons that nurses are leaving the NHS in their droves. In order to be able to look after your patients, it’s vital that you look after yourself. Take steps to manage your nursing stress and prevent yourself from becoming overwhelmed.

Stress can be extremely damaging to your health and cause short-term symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches and insomnia. High levels of stress over time can cause severe depression and even leave you with an increased risk of a heart attack. (We’re sure we don’t need to tell you, you’re the nurse!)

By incorporating some of our following tips to manage your nursing stress, you can keep yourself healthy – both mentally and physically:

Exercise to Manage Nursing Stress

Exercise is nature’s greatest stress-reliever. When you exercise your body will pump feel-good chemicals called endorphins through your system, causing you to instantly feel better and less anxious. It’s for this reason that many people get ‘runner’s high’ for a few hours after exercising. Adopting a regular exercise regime will better your mood and decrease stress levels. It’s obviously also great to keep yourself in shape too!

Take Your Breaks

We can’t stress (excuse the pun!) this one enough – take your breaks! It’s impossible for you to work constantly for an 8, 10 or 12-hour shift without giving yourself regular breaks to recharge your batteries. Make sure you take time for yourself at work regardless of how busy you are!

Get Enough Sleep

One of the biggest factors that can contribute towards stress is not getting enough sleep. Adults need between at least 7 and 8 hours of sleep to function at their best. If you’re not getting a good night’s rest you’ll be much more prone to slower reactions, poor memory and decreased mood the next day. Not getting a good night’s sleep can also affect your immune system and cause you to become unwell, which isn’t good for you or your patients.

Eat healthily

Eating a balanced diet is essential if you want to manage your nursing stress effectively. Healthy foods which give you a slow release of energy throughout the day are vital if you’re working a long shift. Foods rich in B vitamins, such as avocados, are proven stress-relievers due to their ability to nourish your brain and nerve cells. Plan your meals wisely!


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What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

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Modern London nursing agencies have emerged with a vision to facilitate residential, public and private sectors in finding trained and qualified nurses. Through agencies, nurses have the flexibility to choose where and when they want to work in their designated field. These nurses are not directly hired by the healthcare facility or hospital. By working for a modern London nursing agency, they have the option to choose their shifts and availability. This allows them control over their work, family and social life.

Modern London nursing agencies cater to a variety of healthcare related jobs, specialising in all manner of nursing domains such as: mental health, emergency department, acute care, midwifery, and others.

When a nurse registers with a nursing agency, he or she has specific requirements that are expected. When registering with Go Nurse, we go out of our way to ensure that our nurses are guaranteed stress-free, reliable processes:

Round the Clock Support

As a modern London nursing agency we offer unparalleled support and assistance around the clock for all our nurses. Our 24 hour, 7 day a week support ensures that you are never alone and inconvenience is minimised.

We also only have 1 number – making life easier!

Stress Free Mobile Shift Bookings

With advancing technology, individuals desire everything to be automated. People find portals and apps to be a convenient way to make and accept bookings. Similarly, nurses also desire an automated system by the agency as it makes it easier for them to receive notifications regarding available shifts. Furthermore, some modern London nursing agencies also provide nurses the option to receive and accept jobs and alerts through their smartphones.

Friendly London Nursing Agency Consultants

It is important for nurses to work alongside cordial and friendly consultants. Support staff who understands the needs and expectations of nurses ensures increased productivity which is essential for nurses to thrive. On the contrary, rigid consultants make it difficult for nurses to work with an agency.

Free CPD Accredited Training

Another important aspect that attracts nurses towards professional agencies is free CPD accredited training. Such a training is important for improving nursing skills. By completing such trainings, nurses not only improve their skills, but also get CPD points that strengthen their portfolio. Therefore, many nurses expect their nursing agency to facilitate them with such a training.

Professional Development

Most nurses expect that when they work with a modern London nursing agency, they will have the flexibility to work in their area of expertise. This is increasingly important in order to ensure their professional development. For instance, a nurse who wishes to excel in Mental Health can choose to work in the same capacity. This freedom and flexibility helps them in remaining focused and also improves their professional skills.

If a nursing agency provides all the aforementioned services, chances are that it will be the preferred choice for nurses in London who are looking for a modern London nursing agency.

Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Is it time you made a change? Register online today for nursing shifts across London.