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Working as a nurse in healthcare, is a challenging, however highly rewarding occupation. While most people in nursing see the job more as a calling than a profession, achieving the right balance when it comes to work and home life is still really important.

Working as an agency nurse comes with some pretty good benefits and perks and for some is a better option than being employed by a company full-time. Most of the nurses who work with us at Go Nurse love agency nursing, and for good reason!

Here are just some of the brilliant benefits and reasons to love agency nursing:

Choose When and Where To Work

One of the top reasons that nurses decide to go into agency nursing is the control it offers. You choose when to work and which shifts to accept. This allows you to fit your work around your life rather than the other way round.

This control works well for nurses who are bringing up a family, or who may be caring for a loved one. Other nurses just enjoy having the choice. Being able to decide when to work and when to devote time to your personal life provides a great sense of freedom.

You can also choose where you work. It’s not always the case that you take to a particular environment, especially in the healthcare arena. Agency nursing means you can be a little more selective in who you work for.

Agency Nursing Pays Well

Agency nursing pays particularly well and particular shifts pay extra-well. We all like to feel that we are paid what we’re worth, especially in the demanding healthcare environment. The truth is that most nursing agencies pay higher rates. Through GoNurse a registered nurse can earn between £17 and £26 an hour for a shift.

Build up Varied Experience

Agency nursing will allow you to build your experience working in a wide range of environments with different healthcare professionals. This is especially beneficial to new nurses who want to build up their CV and expertise

Agency nursing is different and, once you get into the swing of things, you can look at widening your experience to improve your level of care and your future job prospects.

Love Agency Nursing Perks

Some nursing agencies offer great perks and additional benefits on top of the usual benefits.

A few of the perks that Go Nurse offers:

  • Accept shits easily on your phone
  • Opt for daily pay options
  • Free CPD accredited training
  • Online timesheet submission

If you’d like to find out more about how agency nursing can make a difference to your life, visit the GoNurse website today.


Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Our nurses accept shifts, update availability, see upcoming shifts and find shift locations simply via our easy to use mobile phone app! Is it time you made a change? Register online today for nursing shifts across London.

The Stigma of Agency Nursing

The Stigma of Agency Nursing

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With the advent of the NHS staffing crisis, and shortage of care home nurses,  agency nurses are often around to support. Nurses however are quite a “clicky”bunch. Nurses like the familiar faces of colleagues and people who they are comfortable working with. They like to work with people whose skill set they are confident in, and people they can trust. For this reason, agency nurses are stigmatised. Agency nurses come from differing backgrounds and may have little or no experience working in the environment that they are placed in as an agency nurse.

Agency Nursing: The Stigma

Regular nurses can get frustrated.  Instead of receiving support, they often end up carrying out the majority of the work on shift. They doubt the agency nurse’s capacity to competently care for patients with specific conditions. It is however unfair to view agency nurses as incompetent. Just because they do not have experience working in an area of specialist nursing does not mean they are incompetent. For example, a pulmonary nurse was given a shift on a kidney and liver transplant ward. She may not have the extensive knowledge and skills to effectively work on that unit. However, when one patient developed pulmonary oedema as a result of his illness, the pulmonary nurse was able to properly apply the care which was instructed by a doctor.

Breaking the Stigma of Agency Nursing

As an agency nurse, it becomes more and more important to prove yourself. This is not only to break the stigma, but because maybe you have also been at the receiving end of unsatisfactory work as a regular nurse. This stigma also stems from the fact that some agency nurses are given shifts even though they do not have the experience in a specific area. Agency nurses are no different to regular nurses and hold the same nursing qualifications. In fact, some agency nurses are actually more experienced than the regular nurses they are put on shift with.

Responsibility on Both Sides

For agency nurses, know the basics and gain as much experience as you can. Being able to identify your limitations in a setting which is totally new to you, is vital in ensuring safe and effective care. By being able to do this you are able to show your proficiency as a nurse. This will help you earn the trust and respect of the regular nurses you are working with. Be aware of your capabilities and do not accept shifts in specialisms where you know you have no experience.

As a regular nurse, do not to be unfairly judgemental of agency nurses. Ensure you are aware of the agency nurses experience and specialisms, and be more trusting.


Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Is it time you made a change? Register online today for nursing shifts across London.

How to Survive Your First Day of Agency Nursing

How to Survive Your First Day of Agency Nursing

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Even if you are a seasoned nurse, doing your first agency shift can still be daunting. Adjusting to a new working environment and working with a new healthcare team in a new routine can be overwhelming. This is especially true when as an agency nurse you are expected to perform the same duties as a facility nurse would, in a competent and timely manner with little or no orientation. Here are a few tips to help you successfully get through your first day of agency nursing:

Be Prepared

The day before your shift, get everything you need ready. Iron and hang your uniform, organize any pertinent documentation such as the instructions to your shift location and timesheets. Make sure you have your agency identification card. Prepare your lunch or snack so you don’t have to do this before leaving for your shift.

Get a Good Nights Rest

Make sure you sleep well and don’t let the stress of the following day keep you awake. Be confident within yourself. After all, you would not be put forward for shifts if your agency did not deem you fit for the job at hand. Moreover, being well rested will mean you are more focused and alert.

Plan Well for Travel

Account for traffic and travel issues and arrive early for your shift. This is important to ensure that the client is happy, that you have time to get associated with your new working environment, and so that you don’t miss the induction. You will also be more relaxed and not arrive rushed and stressed.

Introduce Yourself to the Management and the Staff you will be Working With

Build rapport with your new team as they will help guide you through all the things you need to know to be able to do your job efficiently.

Take Notes

Pay attention in your induction and write down any relevant information – this will help you adjust more easily and you can refer to your notes if at any stage you forget any of the information verbally passed on to you.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Work like you would in any facility because although your co-workers will expect you to function like they do; they know that you won’t learn everything in a day. Do not put unnecessary pressure on yourself by trying to know everything the moment you step through the door. It will take a while for you to adjust to the new environment and their way of working.

Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Is it time you made a change? Register online today for nursing shifts across London.

What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

What Nurses Want From a Modern London Nursing Agency

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Modern London nursing agencies have emerged with a vision to facilitate residential, public and private sectors in finding trained and qualified nurses. Through agencies, nurses have the flexibility to choose where and when they want to work in their designated field. These nurses are not directly hired by the healthcare facility or hospital. By working for a modern London nursing agency, they have the option to choose their shifts and availability. This allows them control over their work, family and social life.

Modern London nursing agencies cater to a variety of healthcare related jobs, specialising in all manner of nursing domains such as: mental health, emergency department, acute care, midwifery, and others.

When a nurse registers with a nursing agency, he or she has specific requirements that are expected. When registering with Go Nurse, we go out of our way to ensure that our nurses are guaranteed stress-free, reliable processes:

Round the Clock Support

As a modern London nursing agency we offer unparalleled support and assistance around the clock for all our nurses. Our 24 hour, 7 day a week support ensures that you are never alone and inconvenience is minimised.

We also only have 1 number – making life easier!

Stress Free Mobile Shift Bookings

With advancing technology, individuals desire everything to be automated. People find portals and apps to be a convenient way to make and accept bookings. Similarly, nurses also desire an automated system by the agency as it makes it easier for them to receive notifications regarding available shifts. Furthermore, some modern London nursing agencies also provide nurses the option to receive and accept jobs and alerts through their smartphones.

Friendly London Nursing Agency Consultants

It is important for nurses to work alongside cordial and friendly consultants. Support staff who understands the needs and expectations of nurses ensures increased productivity which is essential for nurses to thrive. On the contrary, rigid consultants make it difficult for nurses to work with an agency.

Free CPD Accredited Training

Another important aspect that attracts nurses towards professional agencies is free CPD accredited training. Such a training is important for improving nursing skills. By completing such trainings, nurses not only improve their skills, but also get CPD points that strengthen their portfolio. Therefore, many nurses expect their nursing agency to facilitate them with such a training.

Professional Development

Most nurses expect that when they work with a modern London nursing agency, they will have the flexibility to work in their area of expertise. This is increasingly important in order to ensure their professional development. For instance, a nurse who wishes to excel in Mental Health can choose to work in the same capacity. This freedom and flexibility helps them in remaining focused and also improves their professional skills.

If a nursing agency provides all the aforementioned services, chances are that it will be the preferred choice for nurses in London who are looking for a modern London nursing agency.

Go Nurse is The Stress Free Nursing Agency for London nurses. Is it time you made a change? Register online today for nursing shifts across London.