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Being a nurse is a rewarding job, however it often comes with a frantic schedule. More experienced nurses will have become better at managing their time more efficiently. For new nurses, nursing time management is a skill that needs to be worked at. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time more effectively:

Nursing Time Management

Always Arrive Early

It’s expected that you arrive on time for a shift, but it is even better to arrive 10 or 15 minutes earlier. This will allow ultimate nursing time management. Giving you the time to read through notes and organise yourself before your shift starts. Remember that there is also the handover process to allow time for which may not be scheduled in.

Make Notes and Prioritise Tasks

As with accident and emergency cases, “triage” your tasks. What is more urgent? What can be left till later on in the shift? Always make notes because what gets written down, gets done. Having written notes will also ensure that you don’t forget any tasks and it is easier to organise a written list. Plus it avoids that midnight panic mode when you remember a forgotten task!

Ditch Tasks That Are Not on Your List

Sure, a patient’s condition may change within your shift and you have to adjust and adapt accordingly. But if something is not on your list then it can probably be left. Avoid getting involved in debates with your colleagues, and don’t take on tasks from them until you have finished your own crucial tasks. Learn to say no or else you’ll be doing the job of other people and getting in trouble for not having completed your own.

Be Patient and Flexible

The healthcare environment is pretty dynamic. It is important that you are receptive to constant change and requirements. Nothing is set in stone, even when we have planned our day. Accepting that things can change at a drop of a hat and being prepared for change, will help you remain calm and level-headed.

Nursing Time Management – Take A Break

Nurses are born workaholics. Nevertheless, by not taking a break we run ourselves ragged and can eventually burn ourselves out. Taking your scheduled breaks are the ultimate nursing time management skill. They also support mental clarity and help you in being more productive and organised.


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