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Every job has its only unique requirements and there are certain things without which, you would not be able to carry out your role to the best of your ability. Nursing is no different – there are nursing essentials that make the job just that much easier, and make nurses more comfortable during a long, tenuous shift.

Something as mundane as your choice of shoes can affect your level of comfort and influence work outcomes.

Read on to the essential items that every nurse must have…

Nursing Essentials No 1 – Compression Stockings

Definitely a must have especially when nurses are standing and running around all day. Compression stockings help promote circulation and help to alleviate tired feet. These stockings also help prevent unsightly varicose veins from forming. Be sure to get the correct size for your feet though, because wearing compression stockings that are too tight or too loose defeats the purpose of wearing them.

Nursing Essentials No 2 – Comfortable Footwear

Orthopaedic shoes are usually the choice of nurses when it comes to footwear. They are great in preventing joint pain and poor posture resulting from an improper stance. Shoes should also be flexible (imagine being able to wriggle your toes in them) and yet firm so your feet are protected when working with and around heavy equipment and objects. Orthopaedic shoes are all supporting and comfortable and many of the soles will take the shape of your foot.

Nursing Essentials No 3 – Nursing Bag

A light weight bag that will hold and organise all your nursing essentials from your stethoscope to your scissors is usually best. Some nurses find that a bag with many different compartments assists with keeping their bag organised and ensures that they don’t forget anything. Furthermore, a light weight, ergonomic designed bag will help prevent shoulder and back pain if you do have many items to carry.

Nursing Essentials No 4 – Comfortable Uniform

NHS and many agency nurses are provided a uniform which they are required to wear. Make sure you are provided the correct size for your frame. Materials should be soft, elasticated, and non-binding to allow the nurse to move freely. Uniforms are not always figure flattering, however remember that comfort is key and a professional image is essential.

Nursing Essentials No 5 – Pens

Part of the role of being a nurse is having to complete clear and detailed documentation, patient charts, reports ……. and the list goes on! For this, you will at all times need to have more than one fully-functioning pen. Never forget to bring your own pens to a shift, and make sure they are leak-proof, as you do not want a huge ink stain on the front of your smart, clean uniform! Also, nothing will irritate your colleagues more than you having to constantly borrow their pen!

Nursing Essentials No 6 – A Second Pair of Shoes

It is always advisable to have a second pair of shoes so you can alternate and let your work footwear breathe. This not only helps prolong the life of your shoes by helping them retain their shape, but prevents them from becoming smelly.

Nursing Essentials No 7 – Fob Watch

Nurses require a watch to carry out patient observations, as well as keep an eye on their shift time. A normal watch may scratch or hurt patients as worn on the wrist, will get in the way of hand washing, and is also not very hygienic in a medical environment. A fob watch not only is a historical nurse symbol, it is also conveniently attached to your uniform and is much more hygienic.


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