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No person is the same. Each and every one of us is distinct – different personality, a different identity.

Our characteristics define who we are and it is a roadmap of where we were and where we will be. In the workplace, there are times when individuality helps with the tasks on hand while there are times when it becomes a hindrance in achieving goals. Individuality helps with identifying with clients and relating to them while conformity helps with maintaining a workplace. Take note however that our identities are many, multifaceted and dynamic therefore we can show our identities in the different aspects of our work. Identity is a complex and changing representation of self and it is created in relationships with others, we are not just our job, we have an identity as a child, a sibling, a friend, a lover and so on.

Building your Nursing Career

As a nurse, you will be tasked with caring for other people. You would usually follow what your superiors tell you. There are times when your routine and the commands of your superiors drown out your individuality. You forget your identity and you become a slave to your work. You will sometimes feel like you are just a cog in someone else’s spinning wheel. This gives you dissatisfaction with your work (dissonance) and you will easily burn yourself out.

For you to assert your individuality in your nursing career, you will need to identify in which facets of your work you can show your individuality. There are aspects where individuality will not be suitable for your work while there are aspects where individuality is appreciated. Some aspects of your work will require precision which will sometimes demand conformity from you. Emergency situations where life is at risk will require you to follow what others are telling you, therefore, your individuality will not be appropriate in that situation. On the other hand, in the treatment of your patients, you can show your individuality by giving your patients individualized care based on their own personality and identity. This gives your patient a lasting impression of who you are and how you helped nurse them back to health.

You should also strive to learn more. Further education will distinguish you from your colleagues and it will help you treat your patients properly and more genuinely. Further education also improves your chances of getting that much-awaited promotion at work.

Don’t be complacent and always strive to be better so you can provide excellence at work.

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