Format Your CV for a Senior Healthcare Role

Format Your CV for a Senior Healthcare Role

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Are you ready to step up into a senior healthcare role? Well, your CV needs to look the part! Your CV must highlight your experience and suitability for the role but it also needs to stand out from all the others.

While many of the standard formatting solutions apply to any level of CV, the following tips will help you get it right for that step up to a senior healthcare role you may be aiming for in future.

Tailor Your CV to the Senior Healthcare Role

It can be tempting to send out the same CV for each job you apply for, but this is not a smart move. If you are applying to a senior healthcare role, you should tailor your application to the job requirements as closely as possible. This means carefully reading the job specification and listing the qualities you have that meet the requirements of the role. Look at your application from the recruiters point of view and really try to understand what they are looking for.

Name and Qualifications

These details should be clearly highlighted at the top of the first page of your CV to immediately indicate to the recruiter that you are qualified to do the job. Agencies and companies get a large number of applications and want to quickly sort the serious applicants from those not qualified. Most senior roles in the nursing or care sector require a certain set of qualifications as a standard so put these front and centre of your CV.

Link to Your Online Profile

If you are already working in a senior capacity, you may already have a LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t, it would be a good idea to set one up. You can use this platform to list and highlight experience, add extra personal info (such as a headshot), and get past and existing employers to leave you reviews.

Include a Personal Introduction

Personalise your CV introduction paragraph to the role that you are applying for. Include a list of your core competencies, and highlight achievements in your career that are relevant to the role you are applying for. Also include personal goals and reasons as to why you want the job you are applying for.

List Your Job Experience and Education

The next section should list your work experience, starting with the most recent position first and then moving back through your past roles. Make sure to highlight any instances where you have had leadership/management or senior responsibility, even if only for a period of time where you were covering a colleagues role.

In the final section of your CV, you should include your education history. If you are a nurse looking for a senior role, this must also include information such as post-graduate study as well as most recent accredited training relevant to the job.

Layout is Important

Now down to the basics! The layout of your CV must be clean, uniform and easy to read.

  • Try to keep your sentences uncomplicated and to the point – avoid waffling!
  • Where possible, limit your CV to 2 pages
  • Check your spelling – any spelling errors are unforgivable!

Finally get somebody else to read through your CV and check it for you once completed. It never hurts to have a check from a fresh set of eyes!

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