Nurse Life Spring Clean

Nurse Life Spring Clean

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There’s no doubt that we as nurses are amongst the busiest professionals on the planet. If you’re involved in healthcare of any kind, the chances are that you’re more concerned about other people than yourself.

We’re now three months into the new year and it might just be time to look at back at those resolutions you made at the end of 2018:

  • Did you resolve to make healthier choices?
  • Did you promise yourself you’d get more exercise?
  • Or perhaps you decided that it was time to move on from your current job

As we approach the first day of Spring, it’s high time you gave your nurse life a good spring clean. After all, Spring is a time which signifies new life and renewed energy!

Are you happy in your job?

Are you still happy in your current role, or do you wake up every day dreading going in? Do you feel like you need a change and a different challenge? The nursing job market is pretty robust and there are plenty of choices out there. You just need to put yourself out there and circulate that CV!

You might want to work for an agency that pays higher rates and helps you deliver great care to your residents. At Go Nurse, you can earn between £17 and £26 per hour as a fully trained nurse. Maybe you simply want to find a job that better suits your work-life balance.

Perhaps you want to improve your qualifications and have something more to put on our CV. CPD is vital to delivering good nursing care. Widening your horizons and improving your skill base can give you access to a range of higher paid jobs in the healthcare sector.

Are you maintaining a healthy nurse life lifestyle?

In a high stress environment like nursing, it can be difficult to focus on your own health. Are you getting enough good quality sleep at night, for instance? If you’re tossing and turning and thinking about your day when you should be sound asleep, the chances are you need to do something to change things.

Nurses often have bad eating and drinking habits too (nurses are often on the move). If you’re changing shifts often, that can affect your eating habits as well. Varying shift patterns also make it difficult to maintain a consistent exercise regime. A report by the Healthy Weight Initiative for Nurses (WIN) found that nearly a quarter of nurses were actually considered in the obese range.

If your health resolutions have slipped a bit, now is the time to relook at your diet, exercise and overall nurse life situation.

Managing Your Stress Levels

Another major issue in the lives of nurses and healthcare workers is stress. Long hours and high pressure working environments do really put pressure on the individual. The trouble is that we get used to it. Nurses are masters at soldiering on and ignoring the consequences to their own health.

Make sure you take your break at work, manage to get the right amount of exercise and eat and drink healthily. If you have trouble coping with stress, trying a few new practices like meditation might help – it’s a lot easier than you think! You can even download mediation apps onto your mobile phone and use them at any time during the day to centre yourself.

Spring is a great time to take a step back and look at your work habits and health. Nurse life can be stressful and challenging at the best of times without adding poor health and job dissatisfaction into the mix.

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